Your semester ticket is a 9€ ticket

This means not only can you use the extended area of use for three months from now –including August (Germany-wide on all local public transport, according to the local transport regulations) - but you also will get money back.

In order to ensure a smooth and cost-effective refund, we made the following arrangements:

  • Everyone who re-registers for the winter semester does not have to take care of anything. The social contribution for the summer semester 2022 will be adjusted for this purpose, generating a credit for you which will be used to pay the social contribution for the winter semester. In the course of the re-registration notice, the Registrar's Office will point out the individual social contribution for the winter semester 22/23, which can be viewed in the Student Services.
  • If you withdraw at the end of the summer semester (i.e. actively) or do not re-register for the winter semester (i.e. you are exmatriculated ex officio), you will automatically be refunded the amount. The refund will be made to the account from which the money was originally deposited.
  • There also will be a special regulation for students who have received a refund for the summer semester 2022.
  • If you have already transferred your social contribution for the winter semester 2022 before the credit has been generated (estimated before 07.18.22), you can still use your credit in the coming summer semester.

As soon as we have more detailed information, we will announce it here and on our social media accounts.

Have fun with your ticket!

Your General Students' Committee