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The AStA offers the following consultations:

Foreign Students Department | StartStudy - IFF Consultation | BOCKS - Counselling for handicapped or chronically ill students | BAföG Counselling | F1 Computer Service | Department for Women and Equality | Psychosocial Counselling | Legal Consult | Social Counselling | Students with Children | Transportation (Studiticket) | Studiticket Refund

Department for International Students

Our Staff:

Marijana Markoska
- Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian, German

Juan Pablo Irrazzabal
- Spanish, German

Lisa Stefanutti
- German, English

Shayan Shapasand
- Persian, English, German

Tridivraj Bhattacharyya
- Hindi, English, Bengali

Dinu Dinayadura
- Singhalese, English, German

Pia Zimmermann
- German, English, French

Tamar Youssef
- Arabic, German, English

Room: 14
Phone: 0228 / 73 7040
Fax: 0228 / 262210

Welcome to the University of Bonn Department for International Students

We strive to promote tolerance and inter cultural exchange. Therefore, we support projects which promote positive integration at the University of Bonn with the help of the International Office, ESG, KHG and other institutions, organizations and students initiatives. These organizations help us strengthen inter cultural dialogue.

Also we provide information and advice for international students at the University of Bonn and guide students through all aspects of study, work, visa and employment processes and give information about job and housing search. Our multilingual team consists of international students who experienced similar problems at the beginning of their stay in Germany like many affected people. We offer assistance in addressing social, cultural and political problems. Our staff speak German, English, Spanish, Persian, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, French, Singhalese, Hindi and Bengali.

In addition to consulting services, we offer the language partner program (Tandem) to provide the opportunity to learn languages from native speakers. Furthermore we offer a language Café (Sprachcafe International) every Monday, where students can improve languages.

For more information on our events please check our facebook page: .

Hours: By appointment or the following:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
--- --- --- 3.00pm-5.00pm ---

StartStudy - IFF Consultation

Nassestr. 11
1. Floor
53113 Bonn

Our Staff:

Room: 12
Phone: 0228 73-7045

Information for refugees

Consultations during vacation time only by appointment


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri






BOCKS - Counselling for handicapped or chronically ill students

Nassestr. 11
53113 Bonn
Consulting Room Ground Floor

Contact: Caroline Sönnichsen
Phone: 0228 73-9645
E-mail: bocks @

Counselling for handicapped or chronically ill students

How can we help you? We assist chronically ill as well as handicapped students with the following topics:

• Applying to university (hardship application, improving one’s average Abitur score and respectively, wait times)
• Disability compensation (what options are there for compensation during tests, for homework, etc. and how does it work?)
• Study financing (BAföG special provisions)
• Refund for the cost of the Semester Ticket (contingency, deadlines)

BOCKS counselling mostly deals with students with chronic illnesses, but students with handicaps are also welcome with their questions and problems. A particular obstacle for affected students is often the financing of their studies; since they have a higher rate of absenteeism than healthy students, they often cannot complete their studies in the standard study period. Therefore, we provide information about the special rules of BAföG, among other things. It is also important to know in which situations one can apply for disability compensation, so that one does not have to delay their graduation (even further). It is not a matter of giving the affected student an advantage over other students, but of putting them on an equal playing field, which is mandatory for the university according to the post-secondary laws of North Rhine-Westphalia. Some examples of what students can receive through disability compensation include additional time to complete exams or essays, the style of the test can be changed (oral instead of written, for example) or permission can be granted for aides such as sign language interpreters or laptops. With this type of compensation, it is also possible to be exempted from mandatory regular attendance.

Nevertheless, most of the provisions are often decided on a case-by-case basis and their implementation depends on the specific situations of the students. This is why provide advice on these topics during the BOCKS office hours, and try our best to help you out!

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri






or by appointment

BAföG Counselling

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Contact: Yvonne Dreisbach
Room: 8
Phone: 0228 73-5874
Email: bafoeg @

Information on BAföG

Child Allowance

The current child allowance amounts for the 1st up to the 3rd child are 154 euros monthly and 179 euros for each additional child. Generally, parents receive a child allowance for their kids until the kids are at the end of their 27th year and in school, vocational training or otherwise studying. The mandatory basic military service, community service or a corresponding alternative service as well as a job as an aid worker push back the age limit based on years served. However, income limits of the children must also be taken into account. Children over 18 years old are no longer eligible if their earnings and income exceed 7188 euro (in addition to a lump sum of 1044 euro for income-related deductions, which is automatically added on). The earnings and income include:

• Apprenticeship pay and/or other sources of income from employment or self-employment
• Financial aid for education from companies, public funds or from funding entities (eg. the grant portion of BAföG)
• Wage replacement benefits such as unemployment money and assistance, maternity leave or sick leave allowance

Money which is granted as a loan, such as welfare or a child-rearing allowance, is exempted.


Grants present a good opportunity for financing one’s studies. They are awarded from foundations, unions, churches, the German public or industries. They are mostly in line with BAföG’s financial framework. Further information can be found in the AStA’s grant guide, which you can pick up in the social services department. If you want to receive a grant from one of the foundations, simply write to them and ask for the application documents at [].

Exam loans

The Bonn Studierendenwerk and the loan offices of the NRW Studierendenwerks can provide these types of loans. Exam loans are earmarked for students during the exam period. The requirements are financial need and good academic performance. Information and applications can be found at BAföG’s main office in the Bonn Studierendenwerk, Nassestr. 11, Mr. Matthias Wieditz. (Tel. 0228/54881780, Mon & Wed 14:00-16:00)
Opening Hours:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
--- --- 2.30pm-4.30pm 10.00am-1.00pm ---

F1 Computer Service

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Contact: Stephan A.
Room: 10
Phone: 0228 73-9642
Email: f1 @

We offer the following help for free to students of the University of Bonn:

• Buying a computer: new or used?
• To what extent can I still upgrade my old computer and what should I take into consideration?
• Where can I get the cheapest possible new and used software and hardware?

Repairs and Problem-Solving

Free error diagnostics, repairs and upgrades for all hardware and software problems.

You can also bring in your faulty device and we can try to figure out the problem together. But please give us at least a bit of advance notice by e-mail. For laptops, don’t forget the power cord!

We can also do data recovery from storage media, except for hard drives. For all data recovery, it is ideal if you could tell us the probable locations and size of the data and folders to be recovered, and then also bring along sufficient USB sticks or external hard drives.

Advice on Internet, Telephone and Hydro providers

Opening Hours:

During vacation time only until 1.30pm

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
--- 12.00am-2.00pm --- 12.00am-2.00pm ---

Department for Women and Equality

Laila Riedmiller
Room: 12
Phone: 0228 / 73 7044
Facebook: Gleichstellungsreferat Asta Uni Bonn

The latest updates from us can be found on our news blog:

We gladly welcome anyone who wants to work for us, or simply comes by to read or to talk to us.

If you notice sexism or other discrimination, if sexist publicity at the university catches your eye, if sexist theories pass as “academic” in your lectures, or if you have suggestions for events, write us an e-mail and we will address it.

Whether you have been long engaged in issues gender equality, or have never before considered them; if you have questions, ideas, suggestions, recommendations, if you don’t have specific beliefs but only a vague interest; be you male, female, intersexual, transsexual, or you don’t want to identify with a biological or social gender, you are all welcome.

General Info

Department for Women and Equality

The department for women and equality offers counseling for students – especially women – who feel disadvantaged due to unfair treatment in university life. The department wants to raise awareness for the various problems relating to gender, gender identity, background or lifestyle that go along with university life.

Despite the legal status that proclaims equality, actual equal treatment of students at the University of Bonn has not been reached by a long shot. We offer counseling for students by students, in order to safeguard the goal of equality of men and women for the long term. It is still necessary to fight to achieve social acceptance of gender topics, so that equality can have an impact on the quality of research. Talent is drawn from a great pool in order for the diversity of research perspectives to be supported.

Through our work, we want to improve the social quality of our university and relieve students of all problems related to societal structures so that they can concentrate on their studies.

We also want to encourage society to rethink the subtle and sometimes very apparent problems surrounding equality and gender ratios. In case you want to write an essay on a female/political issue, for example, and the professor refuses to allow this for no apparent reason, we can help you out.

Outside of our counseling hours, you are all are invited to contact us by e-mail, phone or in person. We can also provide you with literature, books and other information materials. We will gladly put you in contact with the right person for your concerns.

Advancement of women:

The percentage of women amongst the student body has greatly increased over the past few years. Nevertheless, in some faculties at the university, women are still greatly underrepresented. The introduction of the bachelor/master system has exacerbated this problem, because less and less women have decided to take up masters studies. The higher the university graduation rates become, the lower the percentage of women. Unfortunately, this phenomenon is not only restricted to students. At the University of Bonn, the percentage of female professors lies around 11%; the national average of all post-secondary institutions amounts to 15% (in 2008/2009).


Dates, event updates and office hours can always be found on this page. Our numerous events aim to shift questions on themes such as legal vs. actual equality of women, feminism, and gender ratios to the foreground. We are in cooperation with the ‘Forum for Women and Gender Research of the University of Bonn’ and the ‘Women’s History Consortium’ – respectively the Bonn Women’s Museum, the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation NRW, the queer-feminist group ‘riot skirts’ from Bonn, and many other groups who are involved in this field.

Our Library:

Our department has at its disposal a small but quality collection of writing on the themes of women, feminism and gender ratios. Over the next little while, the library is being incorporated into the digital catalogue of the university and state library, and will then be accessible through the BoKI system on the ULB website.

Of course you can always come by any time to browse.

We subscribe to the following magazines, which you can freely consult in a comfortable reading chair in our office, maybe with a coffee (from the LGBTQ department):

•hugs and kisses - Magazine for feminism und transculture
•frauensolidarität - Magazine from terres des femmes
•Missy Magazin - Pop culture of and not only for women
•Frauen - Kunst - Wissenschaft
•Feministische Studien
•outside the box - Feminism und society critique
•L'homme - European journal of feminist history

We look forward to your visit!

Opening Hours:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri






Psychosocial Counselling

Nassestr. 11
1. Floor
53113 Bonn

Room: 15
Phone: 0228 73-7034
Email: psb @

Psychosocial Counselling, AStA University Bonn

In which questions and problems we can help you with

During the course of their studies or also in their personal lives, any student can be confronted with difficulties which can be perceived as overwhelming.

Maybe you are very stressed out or constantly worried, depressed or you witnessed a bullying experience.
Perhaps you have conflicts in your relationship or with your family, time management difficulties, social insecurity, exam anxiety or insomnia.
Maybe you are suffering from an eating disorder, a lack of drive or concentration problems or any psychological disorder that’s burdening you.

The amount of possible topics is huge. We offer you an initial meeting and further consultations can follow.

What do we offer?

Our work is conducted as follows:

• Initial and secondary consultation: you tell us what’s wrong. Maybe we can already find a solution in this first sessions.

• Further care, support and guidance: when necessary and desired, we will also refer you to psychological psychotherapists, psychiatrists (physicians) and other counselling centres, self-help groups etc. It is important to us to ensure that you find the right kind of support for your needs, and possibly even bypass waiting periods.

We take the time to individually counsel you. All information is of course handled confidentially! Counselling can also be done anonymously.

We look forward to meeting you!

Opening Hours:

Counselling during vacation time only by appointment

The opening hours can change from week to week because of the amount of requests (if at least a small group of clients ask for appointments on another day) and while the semester break (the opening times are reduced to one date every two weeks).

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
--- --- 10.00am-12.00pm 2.00pm-6.00pm --- or by appointment

Legal Consult

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Room: AStA counselling room (1st floor, Room 8)
counselling room ground floor (thursdays)
Phone: 0228 73-5874

Attention! Since the reorganization, legal consulting takes place three times a week again.

We offer legal Counsel to all students of the University of Bonn (Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms Universität). The AStA of the other Hochschulen offer their own legal counsel system.

Please come in during the office hours of the legal counsel which are:

  • Tuesday from 11.00am-2.00pm
  • Wednesday from 12.00pm-2.00pm

Whenever possible, the last student consulting session will begin no later than twenty minutes before the end of the consultation hours! 5-minute consultation sessions cannot be conducted at the end of consultation hours. From experience, a minimum of 10 minutes is necessary for individual problems to even be quickly explained, due to that fact a consultation session will need approximately 20 minutes.

We ask that you consider the time constraints and come early. Especially when there is a "due by date" with your legal problem.

Please be understanding of the fact that we have to close the consulting office on time.

Please note: No appointments

Please come directly to our open office hours and account for waiting time.

Bring with you to the consultation session:

• all existing relevant documents (or those available)
• printed (no USB sticks)
• chronologically sorted

This enables swift processing; waiting times will be decreased

No exceptions

The legal consult is only for students of the Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn. Due to our limited capacity, consulting over the phone is not possible.


In urgent cases there are also the following alternatives:

BAföG consulting for all questions relating to BAföG (free of charge). In the AStA counseling room, Nassestraße 11, Wed 14:30-16:45, Thurs 10:00-13:00

Consumer Advice Centre (sales contracts, employment contracts, money and credit problems etc.): Most consultations cost 9€, some are free Thomas-Mann-Str. 2-4 (Stadthauspassage) Tel: (02 28) 97 66 934, Consultations only by appointment

The registry of Bonn’s district court: here you can request legal information and advice (= initial legal advice for max. 15 € additional charge) Bonn district court, Wilhelmstraße 21, Tel. 0228 702-0, Opening hours: daily from 08:30 to 12:30, Thursdays also from 14:00 to 15:00 More information at:

Social and tenant consultation service of the SPD faction at the Bonn city council (free), Thursdays from 18:00 to 20:00 in the SPD faction rooms in the old city hall. Registration as of 17:00, wait times possible. More information:

ARD ZDF Beitragsservice or Rundfunkbeitrag is a license fee that has to be paid by each household. You have to register on your own and it costs you a monthly fee, even if you have not got a TV at your living place. Further information in english can be found here:

Your AStA consulting team

Opening Hours:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
---- 11.00am-2.00pm 12.00am-2.00pm --- ---

Social Counselling

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Rebekka Atakan (Referentin)
Jonas Lau
Rahel Tekle
Michael Wisniewski
Onur Özgen
Benjamin Blecker

Room: 15
Phone: 0228 73-7043
Email: soziales @

You can come to the social services department with all of your questions about daily life during your studies. We know a few tips and tricks that could possibly help you out. For this purpose, we offer social counselling and we work closely together with the legal consult and the BAföG counselling. So that you can have a better idea of the type of work that the social services department does, the following are some of our most important areas of focus.

Social counseling is our main task and covers most areas of student life. We offer support for questions about working while studying, rent money, ALG II, release of GEZ fees, bursaries, internships and insurance. We will also gladly help you fill out forms. In addition, we consider ourselves as a representation of student interests before the university, employers and landlords. You can get all of this information during our office hours. We have also compiled the following brochures for you:

• Social info, with info relating to themes that we touch on in our counseling sessions, especially relating to financial questions as well as your rights in the social sphere
• BAföG info, informing you about funding for your studies
• Bursary reader, a compiled list of foundations which assist students

We also have many more brochures and readers from ministries and other civil services on subjects like housing subsidies, studying with children, tenant rights etc. This information is of course all free.

Document authentication

In the social services department, you can have your documents authenticated for free from 12:00 to 13:00 every day, on the condition that they pertain to your studies (so no personal documents, such as ID, birth or marriage certificates – this restriction is legally imposed). The administrative office also performs document authentication from 11:00 to 12:00.

Opening Hours:

During Vacation time only until 1.00pm!

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
12.00am-2.00pm 12.00am-2.00pm 12.00am-2.00pm 12.00am-2.00pm 12.00am-2.00pm

Studying as a Parent

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Contact: Lena Schmoll
Staff: Sabrina Einig
Room: AStA counselling room, Room 8
Phone: 0228 73-5874
E-mail: smk @

According to the 15th social survey of the German student union (1997), there were approx. 2600 studying parents with 3800 children. Despite this large number, up until then these students and their kids received minimal help from the official side of things. However, the situation improved in two ways as of the winter semester 1999/2000: The Studierendenwerk opened a new student residence on Jagdweg for student families, and this meant that residence spots available for single- and two-parent families almost doubled. Information on the residence spots can be obtained in the department of student housing of the Studierendenwerk at 0228 737163.

Besides the new day care centres offered by the Studierendenwerk, the following day cares were started up through the initiatives of students with children and are accordingly reserved for the children of students:

• Die Rotznasen, Nassestraße 9, Tel.: 0228 265395
• Huckepack, Langenbachstr. 15, Tel.: 0228 237495

The Studierendenwerk also operates day cares for the children of university students, and since August 2010, for those of the college students as well:

• KiTa Rheinaue:Heinrich-von-Stephen-Str. 75, mit 90 Tagesplätzen für Kinder von Studierenden, davon 42 für Kinder unter drei Jahre, Tel.: 0228 0228 3771974
• KiTa Newmanhaus: Adenaueralle 63, 35 Tagesplätze, die U3-Plätze sind Kindern von Hochschulangehörigen vorbehalten

Additionally, the catholic post-secondary education association operates a day care for the children of students, Tel: 20 94 98 06

• Kita im Augustinushaus, Eduard-Pflüger-Strasse 56, Tel.: 0228 549751,

The following day care is especially convenient and affordable for the students whose institutes are located in the former teacher’s college, Römerstrasse 164:

• Kindertagesstätte an der PH e.V., Karl-Legien-Strasse 146, Tel.: 0228 676187

These and all other day cares in Bonn are listed in a brochure that the youth welfare office distributes. We advise you to register your child for a day care spot well in advance. You do not need to be concerned about high costs. The day care dues are calculated based on income, so that students with their typically low salaries generally have to pay almost nothing.


If you are looking for a nanny, we recommend the nanny placement agency of the family and community centre, Tel.: 0228 265517.

Those with low incomes can apply for a subsidy for the costs of a nanny at the youth welfare office. Should the means not be enough to support you and your children, you can apply for welfare for your children. The children of students are different from the students themselves, namely, they are even more entitled to welfare. In addition to the child benefit, you should also of course apply for a separate child-raising allowance (social services office of Cologne) and a housing allowance (office for housing assistance in Bonn).


Should the means not be enough to support you and your children, you can apply for welfare for your children. The children of students are different from the students themselves, namely, they are even more entitled to welfare. Single mothers and fathers with one child under the age of 7 or with two or three children under the age of 16 receive an additional supplement in the amount of 161€, to offset their greater financial needs. In addition to the child benefit, you should also of course apply for a separate child-raising allowance (social services office of Cologne) and a housing allowance (office for housing assistance in Bonn).

You will find more information on the university’s webpage for students with children.


Students with children at the University of Bonn 2011

Application form for the day care subsidy

Opening Hours:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
--- --- --- --- 10.00am-12.00pm

Transportation (Semester Ticket)

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Contact: Johannes Claßen, Benjamin Pause
Room: 2
Phone: 0228 73-7044
Email: mobil @

Our transit designate is available to answer all of your questions about the Studiticket. One exception is the transportation contribution refund, which is handled by a separate department.

You can find more information on the Studiticket on the Studiticket page under Services.

Ride safe!

Opening Hours:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
--- --- --- --- --- by appointment

Semester Ticket Refund

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Contact: Karima Badr
Room: Counselling room, Room 8
Phone: 0228 73-5874
Email: stre @

Grounds for reimbursement

Students who find themselves in exceptional financial distress, or due to a handicap cannot use public transport, those who already possess an equivalent ticket (eg. a job ticket or due to a handicap), whose study conditions mean they cannot use the ticket (distance studies) or those who have exmatriculated for the semester can receive a whole or partial refund, respectively, for their transportation contribution.

Studiticket Committee

The studiticket committee (a committee of the student government) makes the decisions based on the applications. You can get in contact with the person in charge during the counselling hours.


Applications must be submitted by May 10th (summer semester) or November 10th (winter semester) or within four weeks in cases of exmatriculation. Late applications will be rejected; incomplete but on-time applications can be amended if need be (missing documentation etc.)

Please try to have all documents prepared well enough in advance, in order to save you and the staff unnecessary work.

Applications can be sent by mail or also submitted directly to the AStA’s administrative office (Room 5) at any time. Address:

AStA Uni Bonn c/o Studiticket-Rückerstattung Nassestr. 11 53113 Bonn


Application form for the refund

Opening Hours:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
--- 2:45pm-4:45pm --- --- ---