In addition to counseling, the AStA offers the following services:

AStA Store | Document Authentication | Fruit and Veggie Bags | Short-Term Loans | Media Library | | Studiticket | Student Aid Fund | Student Housing | Language Tandem | Student Groups | Marketplaces

AStA Store

Nassestr. 11
Mensa Foyer
53113 Bonn
Phone: 0228-73-9088
Fax: 0228-26-2210

Endenicher Allee 19
Entrance on the right side of the building
53115 Bonn
Phone: 0228-73-7016
Fax: 0228-73-9396

Our products

In line with the AStA’s principles, we favour fair-trade products and we ensure a wide selection of environmentally sound products. Our goal is only to break even, so we offer fair products at fair prices. Our diverse range of products includes pretty much everything a student would need for their studies. We are the ideal one-stop-shop student outfitters.

A small sample of our extensive selection:

Paper products:
Envelopes starting at 0.10€
Duo-Tangs and cardstock folders from 0.50€
A4 notebooks from 0.80€
A5 and A4 notepads from 1.20€
A8 – A4 index cards from 1.00€
A4 spiral-bound notebooks, assorted ruled notepads from 1.20€
Job-application folders from 2.50€
Printer paper from 4.19€

Writing utensils:
Pens and refills from 0.35€
Pencils from 0.30€
Fineliner Stabilo from 0.90€
Highlighters from 0.70€
Pen cartridges from 1.15€
Assorted Edding markers from 1.20€

Organizing and filing:
Report covers, clip folders from 0.30€
Sheet protectors, frosted and transparent, 10 pack from 0.80€, 100 pack from 4.10€
A4, 5 and 8 cm folders from 1.40€
A5 and A4 ringed binders from 2.50€
Filing trays from 2.50€
Notebook folders, plastic or paperboard, from 3.90€
Elasticated folders from 1.10€

Office Supplies:
Rulers, plastic and wood, from 0.40€
Blank CDs and DVDs from 0.50€
Scissors from 0.60€
White-out, various kinds from 1.50€
Staplers from 1.30€

Adhesives and sticky notes:
Post-it sticky notes from 0.50€
Tesa sticky tape from 0.40€
Glue sticks from 1.00€
Page markers from 1.80€

On many of our products, there is a kickback once a certain quantity has been bought! A large part of our products are also made from recycled materials.

NEW: Printer cartridges from 4.99€

Mandatory info: The AStA stores are commercial businesses of the student body. USt.-IdNr.: DE122119205

Opening Hours: (During semester breaks and holidays, both stores are open. Nassestraße: Mon. - Fri. from 11:30am - 2.30pm, Poppelsdorf: 12.00am - 2.00pm.)


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
11.00am-3.00pm 11.00am-3.00pm 11.00am-3.00pm 11.00am-3.00pm 11.00am-3.00pm


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
11.00am-3.00pm 11.00am-3.00pm 11.00am-3.00pm 11.00am-3.00pm 11.00am-3.00pm

Document Authentication

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Room: 5; 15

Documents can be authenticated for free, on the condition that they are somehow related to your studies. (We cannot authenticate civil status documents such as birth or marriage certificates – this is dictated by law. We can however authenticate personal ID). We offer this service at the following times:

Room 5 (Administrative office) Mon. – Fri., 11:00 to 12:00

Room 15 (Social services department) Mon. – Fri., 12:00 – 13:00

Please bring copies as well as originals.

A maximum of 10 documents per person, per room, per day please.

Fruit and Veggie Bags

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Why does the environmental department offer a fruit and veggie delivery service?

The fruit and veggie bag is an offer that the environmental department has run since the winter semester 2012/2013 in cooperation with the health food store Momo in Beuel.

We are interested in sustainable development on all fronts, and this naturally also includes food. With this offer, we want to show you a way (besides visiting the farmers market at the Minster – every Wednesday and Saturday from 8:00 - 14:00!) that you can comfortably access sustainable (and preferably local and seasonal) produce without spending a lot of time shopping. Your diet is guaranteed to change for the better and you will discover a variety of fruits and veggies which often out of habit do not end up in your shopping basket. Preparation tips are included!

It is often not worth it for one individual to order a fruit and veggie bag, since up until a minimum order value, delivery charges are incurred. It is also sometimes difficult for students to coordinate with the delivery times. That is why we offer an in-person pick up location once a week! Additionally, there is no 15€ deposit per case – the products are delivered here in paper bags.

Step-by-step instructions for ordering a fruit and veggie bag:

1. Visit the Momo online shop at (and it’s also worth it to visit the Momo website at - where you can get more info about Momo’s subscription service and the store itself, of course - Hans-Böckler-Straße 1, 54225 Bonn-Beuel)

2. Read through the info in the left-hand column, including the general terms and conditions

3. Register yourself under “Neukunde? Jetzt registrieren” in the right-hand column. Please provide your personal information and your banking details as well as Nassestraße 11, 53113 Bonn as the address and AStA, Zimmer 6 as the delivery location.

4. Now you will find the different types of fruit and veggie boxes (or in our case, bags) listed in the left-hand column, underneath “rund ums Abo”. You can choose between different sizes and price ranges, from 2.50€ to 20€. Up until Friday evening, right before placing your order, you will find the offers listed as separate articles (eg. “Momos Regio-Gemüse” oder “Momos Büro-Obst klein”) and right after at the latest, the produce for the coming week will also be individually itemized, so that you can now browse through the assortment yourself.

Please note: the minimum order amount is 5€!

5. Click on the shopping cart icon to put a box in your shopping cart. Alternatively, you can see all the currently offered fruit and veggie types under “Abo-Obst & Gemüse der Woche” and make your own combination. Since these can change from week to week, please do not select these as your regular order. More information on the ordering procedure can be found here:

6. Now go to your shopping cart. Here you can select if you want to receive each fruit and veggie bag only once or in a one/two/three/four/etc. week cycle

7. Finally, click on the “Kaufen!” button, and your order will be submitted. You can still make changes until the Monday at 8am before your delivery.

8. You can pick up your order at the AStA on Wednesdays between 13:15 and 16:00. Please bring your personal or student ID with you, so that we can make sure to give the correct order to you.

If you have any questions, please address them to the environmental department:

Pickup Hours:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
--- --- 1.15pm-4.00pm --- ---

Short-Term Loans

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

The social services department offers interest-free loans up to 260€ for short-term study-related emergencies. In order to qualify for the loan, it is required to come up with a strategy to solve the emergency and possibly consider alternative means of payment. A steady income or other forthcoming money (from BAföG, pay cheques, etc.) is definitely a requirement to receive these loans, but other collateral, such as a surety, is not necessary.

Repayment is done over a three-month period through a debit withdrawal. In exceptional cases, a deviation from this plan can be discussed with the treasury.

Required documents:

• Personal ID/Passport
• University of Bonn Student card
• Registration certificate, no older than two weeks (you can pick up a form from the social services department so that you can get a certificate without paying fees)
• Banking details
• Overdue payment notices, receipts, bank statements demonstrating financial need
• Complete bank statements from the previous month
• Work contract or proof of grant or BAföG to demonstrate your ability to pay back the loan

Media Library

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Room: 2, 11, 15

The AStA runs an extensive and ever-growing media library. It is spread out over several locations, and the available books, magazines, DVDs and videos range from advice guides for claims to social security benefits, to topics such as the education history of women in the 18th and 19th centuries or the daily realities and persecution of homosexuals in the middle ages.

All media can be borrowed free of charge when you present your valid student card in the following departments (a deposit is sometimes required):

Social Services department (Room 15) Mon. - Fri., 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Department for Women and Equality (Room 2) Mon. – Wed., 12:00pm – 2:00pm

LGBTQ Department (Room 11) Mon. – Fri., 12:00pm – 2:00pm

You can research the available media in our “MedioDat” database, it’s easy to use:

Since our archive is integrated into that of the university’s library, you can also run a search through the catalogue of the Bonn clinic, institute or seminar libraries (BoKIS) (our seal is 5/ASTA):

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn
Welcome to

Looking for a vehicle to help with your move, or just to transport bulky items? Then you have come to the right place. For Aachen, Bonn, Gießen, Göttingen, Hannover, Kassel, Cologne, Mainz, Marburg and Würzburg, you can rent a van right here.

It works like this: simply read the info on to make sure you have all the facts. At the end, select your city and you can immediately book your van.

Semester Ticket

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn
The semester ticket, also called the Studiticket, is a public transportation ticket for the entire VRS network (VRS ticket) as well as the whole of NRW (NRW ticket). Different (better) conditions are valid in the VRS zone than in the rest of the NRW zone, hence the distinction.

Your student card is your Studiticket; Fahrausweis im VRS is written on it and it has the hologram of the NRW ticket.

The Studiticket allows you the use of all buses, streetcars and surcharge-free trains of the regional rail system (SPNV) in the contracted area, which includes subways and suburban railways (S-Bahns), regional trains, regional express trains and the Mittelrheinbahn.

The Studiticket is valid for the full six months of a semester, so from April 1st to September 30th in the summer semester and from October 1st to March 31st in the winter semester. It is valid around the clock, on all holidays and during the semester breaks.

Who gets a Studiticket?

Basically, all regular fully-registered students receive a Studiticket. They all pay the required social contribution when they register or reregister; about 104€ of it is allotted for the VRS ticket and an additional 42.40€ for the NRW ticket supplement.

It is based on the principle of solidarity, which means that there is no choice for the students who are qualified to receive the Studiticket. All have to get it; there is no opt-out option.


Visiting and auditing students, military and civil service personnel as well as students on leave do not receive a Studiticket, if they have not paid the social contribution in full. If a student is on leave but has paid the full social contribution, then he/she does indeed receive the ticket (the exception to the exception).

How the Studiticket works

The Studiticket is non-transferable („non-borrowable“), so when you are checked, you must also present government photo ID on request (an international student card also counts).

If you are caught without your Studiticket, you will have to provide your personal info and then prove within 14 days that you do indeed have a ticket. This still costs a 7€ administrative fee.


First year students receive a temporary matriculation certificate which is valid as a VRS ticket for 14 days, until their student card is issued. Since the certificate has no hologram on it, it is not valid as an NRW ticket.


If you lose your student card, the office of the registrar will replace it immediately for free.

Poppelsdorfer Allee 49
53115 Bonn

Please note: Your student card should not be laminated (any tampering would not be visible)

Studiticket Refund

In cases of hardship, the Studiticket contribution can be reimbursed. The application form and information on which documents are required can be found here.

Refund of the transportation contribution in cases of hardship

Students who find themselves in a financial crisis can apply for a refund of the transportation contribution on grounds of a social hardship. It is possible that the applicable assessment limits – so the amounts that legally define such a hardship – will be adjusted by the student parliament in the near future. As a consequence of such a possible change, it could be that over the next semester, applications due to social hardships will be allowed past the regular application deadline (November 10th). You can ask about specific details during the Studiticket refund consultation hours. These always take place on Tuesdays from 14:30 to 16:30 in the AStA’s counselling room (Nassestr.11, 1. Stock, Room 8)

VRS Ticket

The VRS ticket is valid in the entire VRS tariff zone, even in vehicles from private companies which cooperate with the VRS.

Extra charge

On the airport bus route SB60 and authorized demand-responsive transport (dial-a-ride transit), an extra fare supplement must be paid upon entering the vehicle, which is also applicable to other transit pass holders.

Special rules for the VRS ticket

Additional people

From 19:00 to 3:00, and all day on weekends and holidays, one adult and up to three children up to the age of 14 can travel with you at no additional charge. Children under the age of six can travel with you at all times.

Bikes on Public Transport

The rules for travelling with bicycles on public transport allow a bicycle to be brought on board anytime, without additional charge, as long as there is enough room: when space is tight, children in the children car and people in wheelchairs have priority. Bringing a bike along on transit is not a right; it is up to the driver to decide if you’re allowed on with your bike.

The VRS tariff zone

The VRS ticket is valid in all the colour-coded areas on the map; outside of these areas, certain bus or train routes can be used up to the colour-coded zones.

Zone-crossover fare

Rhine/Ruhr: If you reside in a specified area in the VRR (Mönchengladbach to Breckerfeld), you are allowed to travel a direct, regular route on the VRS conditions between your place of residence and the VRS tariff zone.

Ahrweiler: The Studiticket is valid in the entire administrative district of Ahrweiler for those who reside there.

Certificate of Residence: Your personal ID is valid as proof that you are entitled to the zone-crossover fare if the address on it is within the transitional zone, otherwise you need to show a registration certificate from the municipality. If your place of residence is just outside of the specified zone, you are unfortunately not entitled to the zone-crossover fare.

NRW Ticket

Outside of NRW, the NRW ticket is also valid in Osnabrück and in the regional trains to Osnabrück as well as on the lines: Lügde – Hameln, Vlotho – Hameln and Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck – Bunde (Westphalia). Info on the validity of the NRW tariff can be found at www.fach

Special rules in NRW

For the NRW ticket, there are no comparable rules to those in the VRS.

Please note: DB 1st class as well as long distance trains (IC, EC, ICE) cannot be used with the Studiticket – not even for an extra charge!

Azubi-ticket – Apprentice ticket for prep course participants

As of the winter semester 2012/2013, first year students who are taking prep courses before their studies actually begin and before they have matriculated (so they haven’t received their Studiticket yet) can receive an Azubi-ticket for the month of September through the SWB. The main requirement is, besides participation in an official prep course offered by the university, that they must reside in the VRS zone. The application form can be downloaded here. You can get more information in the transportation consultation hours or by e-mail at mobil @


The Studiticket was first introduced in 1993, in order to improve the mobility of all students in terms of economical, social and environmental aspects. The referendum that was held at the time had a voter turnout of 46% and a clear vote for the ticket.

Today, the Bonn Studiticket had a capacity of about 3.75 million € per semester and this makes it the biggest item in the budget of the combined student body.

Have a safe trip!

If you have further questions or suggestions, you are welcome to drop by. Our transportation representative is available to answer any questions relating to the Studiticket.

Your AStA wishes you a safe trip.


• Studiticket brochure
• Azubi-ticket application form

Student Aid Fund

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

Room: 8
Phone: 0228-73-5874

The student aid fund awards interest-free credit to students of the Rhenisch Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn in cases of financial emergency, in order to guarantee the continuation of their studies. The assistance fund is a five-member committee of the student government and so is formally not dependent on the Bonn AStA. Its members decide on motions in their regularly scheduled meetings.

The maximum sum which can be applied for is 2500€, the estimated need being the deciding factor. The money is loaned interest-free.

Opening Hours:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1.30pm-2.30pm --- 5.00pm-6.00pm --- ---

Student Accommodation Counselling

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn

1) We support you during your apartment hunt

The new portal for landlords and apartment-seeking students in Bonn, Zimmer frei, is online. Here, landlords (mostly private - no broker's commission!) post their offers and apartment hunters will hopefully find something.

There is an english website by the university's International Office which provides a guide to some housing opportunities in Bonn.

Of course, you can also look for a room in a student residence through the Studierendenwerk. The application deadlines for the winter semester end on August 20th and on February 20th for the summer semester. There is usually then an additional allocation of vacant rooms (Sondervergabe) on the 20th in September/October or March/April. These offers will be posted in the Studierendenwerk and sometimes also online.

Additionally, there are also church-run residences (but which take in some nondenominational applicants) – here is a summary with contact details on the university’s website. Additionally, there are quite a few residences from private providers; here are some links in Ippendorf, Poppelsdorf, Zentrum, Dottendorf, Duisdorf, Nordstadt, Endenich, Bad Godesberg.

If you are in Bonn for very short-term or only a couple of days, you can find a relatively cheap place to sleep at the youth hostel Venusberg or at the centrally located Max Hostel. As a solution for a few months, there are also offers for ‘Zeitwohnen’, short-term rentals, which are mostly furnished rooms but are often in a slightly higher price range (eg. Zeitwohnen Rhein/Ruhr, Immobilienscout24).

Some helpful sites for apartments and flat shares are: WG-gesucht, studenten-wg, bonn.studenten-wg, Immobilienscout24

2) We are researching the student living situation in Bonn

In December 2012, the “Studentisches Wohnen” (Student Living) project carried out an online survey on the living situation of students, which was sent to all University of Bonn e-mail addresses. More than 4800 students took part in the survey. 19% of the participants, so almost 1000 students, were still looking for a room in December, the middle of the semester. More than 90% of them found it difficult or very difficult to find a suitable apartment in Bonn. On one hand, a majority of the available offers are too expensive, in need of renovation or are quite badly located, and on the other hand, the situation in the housing market is considered very problematic due to too much demand, exorbitant realtor provisions and high demands of landlords. Over the last two years, the hunt for a room has become even more laborious, which can be deduced from the rising amount people contacting landlords. More than one third of those surveyed who had recently moved had contacted more than 20 potential landlords or roommates before their search was successful. While the housing market is becoming more and more competitive, there is a wider acceptance of alternative living arrangements among those surveyed, such as “Wohnen für Hilfe”, a homeshare, which means living with seniors for cheaper rent in exchange for helping out a bit around the house.

Besides questions about the apartment hunt, data on their living situation, their satisfaction and their problems were also collected. The AStA hopes that with the results of the survey, they can contribute to helping people understand the extent of the housing crisis and the needs of the students and make adequate provisions possible. We are going to use the survey’s data to generate public attention for the housing crisis in Bonn and will strive to offer you more suitable solutions and advice.

Here you can find a detailed report on the survey results (in German).

3) We campaign for your interests

During this semester and the previous winter semester, based on the AStA’S initiatives, there was a joint appeal from the university, city, post-secondary education associations and Studierendenwerk to the citizens of Bonn to make housing available. The result was more than 100 rental offers, the most of which were freshly posted only in the AStA’s housing listings and were not visible on the regular housing market.

Since last year, there is also a round table, where the aforementioned players provide advice for solutions to the housing problem. The AStA is working on the implementation of some projects at the moment, among them "Wohnen für Hilfe" (homeshare of students with elderly people) and some short-term solutions for the beginning of the winter term when the housing crisis is most pronounced, such as local couchsurfing and emergency accomodations.

Suggestions, questions, requests? Get in touch!

Contact the student living project at the AStA: wohnen(at)

Language Tandem

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn
Register for the language tandem <a href="">here</a>

Please note: Listings will be deleted after one month

Student Groups

Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn
List of student groups and clubs

Religious Groups

   Bibelschule am Bonner Juridicum
   Islamische Hochschulvereinigung Bonn
   Jüdische Hochschulgruppe Bonn-Hillel
   Studentenmission in Deutschland – Bonn
   Navigatoren / christliche Hochschulgruppe

Environmental/Social Groups

   AIAS Bonn - Studierende gegen Blutkrebs
   Amnesty International HSG Bonn
   Erasmus Student Network Bonn e.V
   Initiative für Flüchtlinge
   Jugend Rettet
   Deutsch-Russisches Jugendparlament Bonn-Kaliningrad
   Rock your Life!
   SCRATCH - Studentische Initiative für Social Entrepreneurship Education
   Sea-Eye Hochschulgruppe Bonn
   Studenten bilden Schüler
   studentischer Freundeskreis Bonn-Toulouse
   UNICEF Hochschulgruppe Bonn
   Weitblick Bonn


   Asienhaus-HSG Bonn
   AIESEC in Bonn
   AK studentische Kultur und Politik
   Arbeiterkind-Studierendengruppe Bonn
   Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft - HSG Bonn
   Deutsch-japanische Gesellschaft
   DGB - HSG Bonn
   Effektiver Altruismus Bonn
   Erinnern und Gedenken
   European Alternatives
   Greenpeace HSG Bonn
   Hochschulgruppe OXIS
   HSG Foodsharing Bonn
   HSG Geschichte, Politik, Erinnerung
   JEF Bonn
   Klimagerechtigkeit Jetzt!
   Freunde der türkischen Sprache
   Raman - Kurdischer Studentenverein
   Küche für alle
   Matri-x furialis
   Vegactive - vegane Hochschulgruppe Bonn
   Verein Deutscher Studenten Bonn


   Skandinavische Filmtage Bonn


   Kritische Ausgabe
   leFlash - Kulturblog
   Studentischer Initiativkreis Stenografie
   AKUT - Magazin der Studierendenschaft


   Debattierclub der Universität Bonn


   Camerata Musicale - Uniorchester Bonn
   Chor des Collegium musicum Bonn
   Orchester des Collegium musicum Bonn
   Vokalensemble des Collegium musicum Bonn

Literature/ Theatre / Arts:

   BGECS (Bonn Group for Eighteenth-Century Studies)
   Student. Kulturforum Bornewasser
   Mechthilds Schergen
   Werkstatt Baukultur Bonn


   Hiking Society Bonn

Univerity Politics:

   Grüne Hochschulgruppe Bonn
   AG Grüne Infrastruktur
   Iysse Hochschulgruppe Bonn
   Juso Hochschulgruppe
   Liberale Hochschulgruppe
   Liste undogmatischer StudentInnen
   Piraten-Hochschulgruppe Bonn
   Ring christlich-demokratischer Studenten Bonn
   Die Linke - SDS Bonn
   Bonn spricht

Department specific groups:

   AK Kritische Jurist*innen
   Astronomy on Tap Bonn
   bdvb HSG Bonn
   EMSA Uni Bonn
   Feministische Geographie
   Kritische MedizinstudentInnen
   Kritische Psychologie


   CARE - HSG Bonn
   Früchte des Betons
   Never forget
   Studieren Ohne Grenzen

The AStA is not responsible for any out-of-date or inaccurate information.

Register in this list

If you want to register your student group in this list, simply send us your group’s name and a link to your website (if available) by e-mail to the webmaster. This does not replace enrolling in the register of student groups.


Nassestr. 11
1. Stock
53113 Bonn
Study Spot Swap

In cooperation with the Association for the Support of Student Interests, the AStA offers a study spot marketplace: those who have been accepted to the University of Bonn but would rather attend a different university can register here and look for offers, and vice-versa.

Housing Marketplaces Online

In cooperation with, the AStA offers the possibility to read and post housing offers and searches.

Other online housing listings

These offers have been mainly brought to us directly by the respective companies and we cannot continually review them. If the links are dead, or if you encounter fraud attempts etc., please notify the webmaster by e-mail.

• very clear site, tons of offers
• a property meta-search engine, which brings together all property portals into one search
• an uncomplicated flat-share service
• accommodation search/room mediation, originally for business travellers, but now also broadened for students.

Studierendenwerk Job Bank

On the Studierendenwerk’s website, there is a student job bank. It is available exclusively to registered students of the University of Bonn and Bonn-Rhine-Sieg College. Your e-mail address and student number are required to register.

Once registered, you have access to around 70 (almost daily) job offers which you can sort and browse through. You contact the employer yourself; the Studierendenwerk does not mediate this. The jobs postings range from short-term jobs such as moving help, to internships, to long-term employment.

Simone Littau, our job bank officer, is available to answer questions by e-mail jobs @ or by phone (0228 - 736792). His office hours are Tues. – Fri. from 9:00 – 11:00.

Other job banks

These offers have been mainly brought to us directly by the respective companies and we cannot continually review them. If the links are dead, or if you encounter fraud attempts etc., please notify the webmaster by e-mail

• student job portal for Bonn
• student job assistance in Bonn